dog & pony dc is a Washington, D.C.-based company founded in 2008 to overcome the separation between artist and audience. We devise new performances, advocate for artists and audience, and foster further growth in the theatre field at large.

We have a passion for playfulness.

dog & pony dc artists are not simply theatre-makers; we are arts-based barrier removers, networkers, and community builders. Our approach to involving the audience in performance is transparent and gradual, building trust and investment. Nothing is ever forced. This had made us experts in putting roomfuls of strangers at ease, inviting them to do just about anything—debate, dance, Tweet, invent—and they do it.

Our ensemble is into collaboration and exploration, which means devising can feel a bit meandering or inefficient. It’s a delicate balance of structure and chaos, which asks everyone to take a leap of faith. More than once. But we know the most exciting ideas are born and reach their full potential this way.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement: The representation and inclusion of people of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and experiences in our ensemble, board, and audience leads to the creation of a more beautiful, joyful, and just world. The ensemble and board’s commitment to this enhances our work, and therefore the D.C. community and dog & pony dc’s growing global audience.

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RINGLEADER (Audience Integration) Ivania Stack

ENSEMBLE Colin K. Bills | James Caverly |Natasha Gallop | Kala Granger | Rachel Grossman | Tyrone Giordano | Kerry McGee | Tosin Olufolabi | Elaine Yuko Qualter | Lorraine Ressegger-Slone | Ivania Stack


CO-FOUNDERS  Wyckham Avery| Rachel Grossman | Lorraine Ressegger-Slone