Jenn is dog & pony dc’s Ringleader, Connectivity and a writer specializing in communications, digital media, and engagement.

A resident of Washington, DC since 1989, Jenn has a keen passion for its culture, architecture, and especially, its history beyond the political capitol. As co-founder and editor-in-chief of We Love DC, a website exploring the different facets of urban life, she created its arts and culture beat, served as senior theater reviewer, and guided its redesign. Jenn has written extensively on the arts, theater, and restaurant industries, championing the cultural renaissance of Washington, D.C. She’s worked in public relations, supporting a diplomat with speechwriting and international client relations, and has a strong background in corporate operations. A survivor of a life-threatening illness, she is currently writing a book on trauma and the fracturing of the self.

As a graduate of the Catholic University of America’s drama program, she studied acting, production design, and criticism, skills further honed as a veteran of National Players, the country’s longest running classical touring company, and in studies with the British American Drama Academy. Her theater background gives her an innovative perspective on the creation of experience design and community building.

While covering theater for We Love DC, she attended a performance of dog & pony dc’s Beertown, and had a visceral experience engaging in the virtual town hall meeting. Jenn fell in love with the ensemble’s innovative ability to engage the audience on a profound level. She began to expand her relationship with the company, first performing as Social Media Conductor for the residency of A Killing Game at Cleveland Public Theatre in 2014, then deepening her involvement as dog & pony dc’s Media & Communications Strategist, collaborating with the design devising process of Toast and Squares, and joining the ensemble as Ringleader, Connectivity in early 2016.

Jenn’s very first word was “Hi!” and connectivity is her absolute passion. Her guiding principle is that only a truly authentic voice can build audience engagement.