dog & pony dc is a Washington, DC-based devised theatre company and a national leader in audience engagement. We create (“devise”) new plays and interactive experiences as a collective (“ensemble”) of hearing and Deaf artists

Our MISSION is to inspire self-discovery, forge new relationships, and champion social change.

We create interactions that connect people in unexpected ways to each other, art, and the wider world. This allows all of us to see what we hadn’t previously and stretches our understanding of what we know, making us stronger artists and citizens.


  • The audience completes our ensemble.
  • Innovation requires structure, chaos, and a leap of faith.
  • Playfulness and generosity amplifies the impact of our work.
  • The representation and inclusion of diverse narratives and people of different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences throughout our company is a responsibility and honor.

The big VISION:

We seek to upend the way non-profit theatre is made and consumed, repositioning in service to its audience and community.


The representation and inclusion of people of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and experiences in our ensemble, board, and audience leads to the creation of a more beautiful, joyful, and just world. The ensemble and board’s commitment to this enhances our work, and therefore the D.C. community and dog & pony dc’s growing global audience.