Can you capture your community’s identity in a collection of objects?

Every five years, the citizens of Beertown tackle this creative, civic responsibility as they unearth their beloved Time Capsule and ritualistically review its contents. Will the pie tin remain, or be replaced with a coyote skull? Will the projector endure, or be voted out to make way for the sack of coins? dog & pony dc’s celebrated show Beertown is an interactive exploration of history, identity, and community that starts with a dessert potluck and ends with lively audience-led debate.

October 19-November 7, 2016
Thurgood Marshall Center for Service and Heritage
Performed in Spoken English & American Sign Language
All Shows Interpreted

dog & pony dc has restaged, rewritten, and recast Beertown since 2011, relocating the show from its East Coast birthplace and replacing the objects in the town’s time capsule. As the United States nears a pivotal election, Beertown returns home to Washington, DC. We’re making Beertown more resonant with District residents and tuning in to contemporary, local, and national conversations. Look for history to be altered with huge updates and surprises featuring new characters and artifacts.right-proper-01-01

Directed by Rachel Grossman
Assistant Director Kala Granger
Designed by Colin K. Bills & Ivania Stack

Featuring: James Caverly, Joshua Drew, Eileen Earnest, Natasha Gallop, Amelia Hensley, DeJeanette Horne, Jon Reynolds, Jacob Yeh

Lead Interpreters: Brittany Quickel, Charlotte McGrath

This production is part of Beertown Takes America, a project made possible by the support of: Bills Family Charitable Trust, Lisa Carr, Pete Miller & Sara Cormeny, and Jeffery Menick. Hail!

Beertown  in DC is supported in part by a grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities an agency supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.