Regan is a native of Denver, CO (go Broncos). In addition to acting, she’s enjoyed wearing numerous hats throughout her life, including singer, writer, yoga instructor, social worker, sister, traveler, and educator. Regan believes in the goodness of humans, so she’s deeply disappointed when they act like assholes. Her sense of humor can be dark and robust. She’s drawn to eyes, water, and noodles. She’s not content to live dormantly, and strives to squelch fear. Regan wishes she had thorough routines of cooking and gardening…she doesn’t. Yet. She attributes her failure to remember high school science principles on the ephemerality of “actor brain.” Regan resists being proprietary or righteous about the things she may know; she knows she doesn’t know, and loves to learn and re-learn. She gets around on wheels due to a spinal cord injury…she believes it is impossible to fully explain or demonstrate the vast complexities of this existence, although she constantly interrogates it. Regan values the wisdom of those who have lived more life than she, as well as apt, forthright communication and grammar. She deeply admires people who achieve great things but don’t rely on external validation as their motivation. She loves her dog, and hates that she can’t spend more time with her. She thinks it’s funny to have written this whole bio about herself while she IS herself, and it frustrates her that she won’t be able to live every person’s life before she dies…which she knows IS going to happen.