On June 4, 2016, dog & pony dc participated in the local neighborhood event #CelebratePetworth. #CelebratePetworth is a free festival organized by and for the residents of Petworth and its surrounding neighborhoods in Washington, DC. With dog & pony dc’s HQ in Petworth, we were excited to be a part of the celebration and meet our community friends and neighbors. In a nod to our upcoming DC production of Beertown, we set out to learn what was important to the Petworth community by asking: What would you put in your time capsule?

We set out three objects that we had in our store (all things we’ve used as a catalyst for discussion in past rehearsals of Beertown) and asked people to cast their vote for the item that they felt best represented their community. If the objects weren’t appealing, people were able to write in their vote. This exercise was designed to have us reflect on what makes up our community, and what stories we find valuable and Too Important Not to be Included.

The objects we put up for a vote were:

1. A Nalgene water bottle
2. An antique license plate
3. A book on the history of the United States

Many people stepped up to discuss each of the items on display and cast their vote. It was a close race and the Nalgene water bottle was voted in by just 4 votes. (Water Bottle: 69 votes, License Plate: 65 votes, US History Book: 62 votes). We’re not entirely sure what the water bottle inspired in members of our community, perhaps it was a nod to the DC bicycling culture, or perhaps it was because it was a hot day and the water bottle inspired cool thoughts. Whatever the reason we were thrilled to have so many fulfill their civic duty.

We also found the written-in votes to be an interesting glimpse into what our community in Petworth holds dear. Take a look:

Tickets to a Nats or Caps Game
The Culture of Cycling
Eating & Walking daily
The Bible
A Dog Show Contest
Unequal Housing
DC Public Library
Feral Cats
Watering Can
Campaign Sign
Pit-bull Sitting in a Pub
Marion Berry’s “Lien it or Clean it” Sign on 723 Emerson
Rock Creek Park
Upshur Park
Parking Ticket
Bike Helmet
Tire Planter
Pack of Flower Seeds
A Beard and Soft Hands
Community Meet-ups, Celebrations, & Hang-outs
Front Porch
Good Neighbors