dog & pony dc is a 501(c)3 company whose mission is to inspire self-discovery, forge new relationships, and champion social change. We create interactions that connect people in unexpected ways to each other, art, and the wider world. This makes us strong artists and citizens by allowing us to see what we hadn’t previously and stretches our understanding of what we know.

dog & pony dc identifies as a theatre company, but most of the new works we create don’t look like traditional plays. We frequently partner with other organizations (for example the National Building Museum and Gallaudet University) and we work locally in the D.M.V. as well as across the country. We are a mixed hearing and Deaf company. We seek to upend the way non-profit theatre is made and consumed, repositioning it in service to its audience and community.

We’re in search of new board members who aren’t necessarily “theatre devotees” (don’t worry–we won’t send you away if you are one), but who are:

  • Venturesome in spirit.
  • Drawn to meeting new people, trying new experiences, and build bridges between divided communities.
  • Enjoy an activist mindset (individuals who might not simply sign petitions, but get up and do something about it)
  • Value the journey over the destination; process over product
  • Risk-curious, risk-inclined, or possibly even risk-takers (sky-divers?)
  • Commit to equity, diversity, and inclusion in their personal lives and through their work on dog & pony dc’s board.

dog & pony dc board members are responsible for:

  • Serving as an ambassador for the company writ large;
  • Maintaining open and consistent communication with company leadership;
  • Attending key company activities and events, and inviting others to join you. (In a given calendar year, ~5: 1 rehearsal and 1 performance for every full production mounted by the company; attending 1-3 public company activities.)
  • Being familiar with the company’s mission, values, core programming, and key stakeholders;
  • Attending all Board meetings (4 annually + 1 artist and board retreat);
  • Reviewing and responding to all company and board communications, materials, and agenda in a timely fashion;
  • Providing administrative counsel and guidance, dependent on board member’s area of expertise;
  • Making a personal financial contribution to the organization in the form of annual dues;
  • Assisting the company with annual fundraising efforts;
  • Connecting the company with individuals or entities who can contribute (financial or otherwise) to the work of the board and the company;
  • Looking for potential new board of director members and submitting their names for consideration;
  • Following conflict-of-interest and confidentiality policies.

The members of the board contribute the board leadership, strategic, financial, fundraising, and legal skills required to sustain the long-term development and growth of dog & pony dc. Though the time commitment fluctuates throughout the year, members of the board can anticipate committing an average of 4-8 hours a month to dog & pony dc-related work. Board members need not be based in the D.C. metro area. Board terms are two-years; members serve a minimum of one-term.

There is no compensation provided for this position.

dog & pony dc is honored to have people of different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences throughout our company, including on our board of directors. Persons of all social identities are encouraged to connect with us regarding board membership.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement: The representation and inclusion of people of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and experiences in our ensemble, board, and audience leads to the creation of a more beautiful, joyful, and just world. The ensemble and board’s commitment to this enhances our work, and therefore the D.C. community and dog & pony dc’s growing global audience.

dog & pony dc is nearing its tenth year of operations. We have a strong history of artistic and community programming, and are seeking to build on that foundation for the next ten years. We’re looking for a team of individuals who are excited to dive in, and create positive change in our city and country, through art. Join us.

How to apply: Please email to express interest and include a resume.

This search is open as of September 25, 2017.

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