The impact of audience integration could not be contained in the theatre forever. We had to bust it out of the black box and transfer it into the marble halls with Museum Play!

dog & pony dc has upended the zombified, audio guide slack-jawed, silent museum visiting experience, with Museum Play. Break the rules, play with art.

Museum Play allows groups of people to be adventurous and playful together while interacting with visual art in new ways at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. The experience is a mix of games, creative tasks, and a few historical sidebars; a combination of digital and analog, goofy and provocative. Museum Play is for any group that needs some designated time breaking rules together.

For your group, Museum Play will:

Foster camaraderie
Promote inventiveness
Expand perspectives
Exercise divergent and critical thinking
Discover intimate connections between group members
Engage in collective meaning-making
Allow you to understand the power of live experiences to boost agency, stimulate collaboration, and strengthen teams.

Believe it or not: it’s introvert and ADA-friendly.

Building on practices from the business, gaming, education, and arts worlds, dog & pony dc can customize Museum Play to meet your needs.

· We can work with groups large or small.
· We can tailor the activities to your business goals.
· We can customize the experience at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, or develop a unique experience just for you at another cultural site.
· We can even bring it Museum Play to your offices. (Crazy, but possible.)

To learn more about a team experience with dog & pony dc, give us a call at 202-670-5347 or email