NexUsDC is a multi-year, multi-location initiative catalyzed by a 2015 special funding initiative from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, an agency supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

What are the goals of NexUsDC?

To Create and Activate

Create artistic experiences that allow people who aren’t regularly interacting to talk to one another.
Activate public spaces that aren’t normally used for art-making.

We believe dog & pony dc can provide our assets as bridge-builders to disconnected, disassociated, or possible disempowered individuals. We believe we can explore what it means to be residents of the District of Columbia, and ultimately, make performances of varying sizes and scales illuminating this topic.

For dog & pony dc as artists, NexUsDC is an experiment with audience integration, a way of testing its possible impact: can we achieve similar relationship-building results when we apply audience integration techniques outside the theatre environment or performance context?

We began work for NexUsDC at Gallaudet University and in the geographic area immediately surrounding it, the Ivy City neighborhood. This introduced us to the advocacy organization Empower DC and Ivy City residents. We don’t yet know what a final result will be of this project, or if there is an “end product.” Most importantly, NexUsDC is expanding our connection to the District and the tremendous diversity of people and stories that intersect within its borders.

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