Emilie Moore, an arts administrator, educator, and community activator, is working with dog & pony dc during the lead-up and run of Peepshow. Certainly familiar with us, she didn’t realize quite what she was getting into when she stepped into the offices December 4… but it seems like it’s working out for the best. For all of us. These are her thoughts on the timeliness of our upcoming new show.   

I have rarely been someone who enjoys a debate. They tend to turn into arguments, which are filled with anger, and those situations are triggering for me having grown up in an abusive household. As an adult who has chosen a healthier and safer lifestyle, I work to slowly condition myself to see debates and arguments as helpful tools that do not have to be negative, by pushing myself to participate in them. I have done this work, this intentional change of perspective, slowly and cautiously.

At least I did before 45 was elected into the White House.

Since then, I have found a different type of anger developing within me at a rate I cannot control. Anger born from seeing injustices–particularly gender inequality–and feeling the need to do something to help stop them, but not knowing what. Feeling that need helped push me to look for work that I found inspiring, which made the decision of whether or not to work on dog & pony dc’s Peepshow an easy one.

It’s been extremely difficult and disorienting to know what to do with the anger I feel, so when I encountered the article “It’s Time to Embrace Feminism’s Anger,” which is one of the sources of inspiration for Peepshow, I was astonished to find that I felt empowered – but more importantly certain that working on this show was the right thing for me at this moment in my life. In “It’s Time To Embrace Feminism’s Anger, author Andi Zeisler writes “anger isn’t the only tool of feminist action, but right now it’s a crucial one. We need to be comfortable wielding it to carve a path through the dark, clearing the way for a full-throated feminist future.”

If you’ve read this far, and been fairly conscious over the last year, I expect you’re angry too. Let’s let Peepshow help us tap into our deepest frustration and express our hurt fully. Let’s wield our anger together.

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