Five years ago, dog & pony dc created one of American theatre’s most compelling and absurd experiences–Beertown’s Quinquennial Time Capsule Day Ceremony, in which every five years the town of Beertown reviews and debates the contents of its time capsule at a lively town hall meeting, to ensure the objects properly capture an evolving communal identity.

dog & pony dc has restaged, rewritten, and recast Beertown since 2011, relocating the show from its East Coast birthplace and replacing the objects in the town’s time capsule. As the United States nears a pivotal election, Beertown returns home to Washington, DC. We’re making Beertown more resonant with District residents and tuning in to contemporary, local, and national conversations. Look for history to be altered with huge updates and surprises featuring new characters and artifacts.

Join us at this year’s town hall and help decide the identity of Beertown. Plus, dessert potluck.

Beertown’s 21st Quinquennial Time Capsule Day Ceremony
Performed in Spoken English and American Sign Language

Featuring: Wyckham Avery, Joey Caverly, Eileen Earnest, Natasha Gallop, Jon Reynolds, Jacob Yeh

October 18-November 7, 2016 at the Thurgood Marshall Center

Tickets on sale September 1st!

Directed by Rachel Grossman
Assistant Director Kala Granger
Designed by Colin K. Bills & Ivania Stack

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