Beertown is an ensemble-devised interactive exploration of history, civic ritual, identity, community, and memory that incorporates live music, dance, group song…and a dessert potluck. Part-civic ceremony, part-theatrical pageant, the show welcomes audiences into the 20th Beertown Time Capsule Day celebration, where every five years the imagined small American town unearths its beloved Time Capsule and ritualistically reviews its contents.

Following successful runs at New York City Off-Broadway theater 59E59 and at Lincoln Center Theater’s Director’s Lab, we brought our critically acclaimed production of Beertown on tour beginning in October 2015.

*UPDATE: Beertown Takes America is concluding back home in Washington, DC with performances celebrating the fifth year of its creation. Read more about our fifth anniversary celebration running October 19-November 7 and get tickets here!

Beertown Takes America phase one stopped at Omaha Community Playhouse (Omaha, Nebraska), Know Theatre (Cincinnati, Ohio), and Raleigh Little Theatre (Raleigh, North Carolina). See how Beertown evolved as those communities explored their own unique shared memories:

The tour featured dynamic collaborations with local artists and their communities across the country, each time crafting a new and uniquely relevant Beertown.

Beertown Takes America 2015-16 made possible by the support of: Bills Family Charitable Trust, Lisa Carr, Pete Miller & Sara Cormeny, and Jeffery Menick. Hail!

Beertown Takes America provides an exciting opportunity for dog & pony dc to connect with both new and old collaborators as the production is re-shaped to fit each theatre and its community, with each stop of the tour featuring a newly customized Beertown. dog & pony dc ensemble members and local artists will form a creative team to rehearse and perform the show, shaping it to reflect local concerns, hot-button issues, and history. During performance, the audience is then empowered to generate dialogue specific to their values and experiences, mirroring the pulse of each particular community.

What else can you expect when you visit Beertown?