We are dog & pony dc, and we believe there is no theatre without the audience.

The artform necessitates them.

The audience is an active participant in the creation of a live event, and our work both exploits and embraces the serendipity potential of live theatre.

Our guiding principle is something we developed and coined: “audience integration.”

dog & pony dc is committed to strengthening the connection between artist and audience, and through the art form, endows the audience with ownership over their experience. Our work deepens their emotional and intellectual investment and advances theatre as an experience.

What is “audience integration”? It’s the interweaving of the audience in the experiential and narrative arc of a show.

Audience integration in production is highly elastic. The role of the audience is as witness, as the event doesn’t move forward without audience propulsion. It makes the sandbox in which we all—performers and audience—play come show time. It amplifies and personalizes the audience’s experience, and our own.

Audience integration is open, obvious, and gentle. Woven into the narrative structure of the performance is a series of “invitations” to become personally involved in the action of the show.

This necessitates the production being in constant rehearsal mode, with discoveries noted and decisions made during the process of learning, discovering, and growing shows together with our audience.