We are dog & pony dc, and we believe there is no theatre without the audience.

The artform necessitates them.

The audience is an active participant in the creation of a live event. We embrace their presence and participation, and, in doing so, exploit the serendipity potential of live theatre.

Our performances are created with the guiding principle that we developed and coined: “audience integration.”

What is “audience integration”? It’s the interweaving of the audience in the experiential and narrative arc of a performance. Audience integration is highly elastic, and changes for each production. Woven into the narrative structure of the performance is a series of “invitations” to become personally involved in the action of the show.

Audience integration allows us to invite audience to search for potential answers with us difficult questions and topics of consequence to our immediate communities and the circumstances of their lives. As light-hearted or absurd as our plays might seem, aspire for all of us to see what we hadn’t previously and stretch our understanding of what we know.

But making performances isn’t all dog & pony dc does.

We promote the visibility and advancement of artists, audiences, and ideas. We serve the theatre field, as well as the arts and humanities at large, by leading change and sharing innovations.

Our core values in a nutshell: collaboration, innovation, impact, and inclusion.

We believe:

  • The audience completes our ensemble.
  • Innovation requires structure, chaos, and a leap of faith, and our collaborative process embraces them.
  • Playfulness and generosity amplifies the impact of our work.
  • The representation and inclusion of diverse narratives and people of different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences throughout our company is a responsibility and honor.

Come play with us and connect in unexpected ways with other people, art, and the wider world.